NETECH DigiMano Blood Pressure Monitor Calibration Kit

The DigiMano BP Calibration Kit by NETECH is a comprehensive solution designed to ensure accurate blood pressure measurements in medical settings. This calibration kit comprises top-of-the-line pressure meter, the patented Syringe Pump, and a specialized tubing kit, providing healthcare professionals with all the tools they need to calibrate blood pressure equipment with precision and efficiency.

Available in two different combinations of pressure units, the DigiMano BP Calibration Kit offers versatility to suit various calibration requirements, making it a must-have for medical facilities committed to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy in blood pressure monitoring.

NETECH DigiMano Blood Pressure Monitor Calibration Kit
NETECH DigiMano Blood Pressure Monitor Calibration

DigiMano 1000

A portable digital device for measuring the pressure of non-corrosive fluids and gases is the DigiMano 1000, Pressure / Vacuum Meter. This multipurpose tool produces one of two engineering units on a sizable three-digit LCD display.

The accuracy of the DigiMano 1000 Pressure/Vacuum Meter is 0.25 full scale. There are seven variants available, each with a different pressure range and engineering unit. The DigiMano 1000, Pressure / Vacuum Meter uses a state-of-the-art semiconductor sensor to deliver optimal performance. One 9V alkaline battery powers it. Using an AC adapter is optional.

The CE-marked DigiMano 1000 Pressure/Vacuum Meter comes with a Certificate of Calibration that can be traced back to the NIST.


Effective Solution for Verification

The Netech BP Calibration Kit offers a simple and effective solution for verifying the static pressure accuracy of all non-invasive blood pressure equipment. Designed for ease of use, this kit provides healthcare professionals with a straightforward method to ensure that blood pressure readings remain reliable and consistent over time. With the Netech BP Calibration Kit, medical facilities can have confidence in the accuracy of their blood pressure equipment, enhancing patient safety and quality of care.

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